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1) No student will be allowed into the classes without wearing school uniform.

2) Two terminal examinations will be held each academic year. The final examination results will be the aggregated result of the two terminal examinations.

3) A student will be considered unfit for promotion if attendance is less than 80% and the number scored in any subject is less than 50%.

4) Students appearing in the examinations are required to collect and carry their admit cards with them.

5) Students should not do anything or get involved with any kind of activities that tantamount to misconduct which will be very severely dealt with.

6) It is compulsory for all students to perform Zuh'r prayer in the school premises in congregation.

7) If a student's fees are not paid for more than two consecutive months then the student's admission will be cancelled.

8) A student who is absent for three days must apply for leave which should be approved by the Principal.

9) The following things that are unrelated to school and class activities are not be brought into school: mobile phone, knife, dagger, steel-scale, jewelery, gaiming instruments, toys, picture-clips etc.

10) Tuition fee will be paid by 10th days of the month. Late fee us applicable on the following basis: 1 month late fee: Tk.100 and 2 months late fee: Tk. 200.

11) Students are expected to attend school regularly and not to leave school premises during the school hours without due permission.

12) Every student should carry the required set of books and stationery for class work in the back-pack. Nobody should borrow books or stationery from classmates.